Who is a cut above the rest?

January 21, 2016 | Category: PGA

By: Greg Cowan

Creator of The Sports Stance

Who is A Cut Above the Rest? The PGA’s 2016 Breakout Player

The PGA had a resurgence last year that hadn’t been seen since Tiger Woods came onto the scene. You all remember Tiger Woods right? Really good golfer, won a bunch of Majors, and then had his personal life and professional one hook out of bounds. Since then the PGA has been desperately searching for someone to become the “Next Tiger” and for a while it seemed like Rory McIlroy may have been that guy. He won a few majors, but has been inconsistent at times and therefore lost his title, though he isn’t far off from reclaiming it.


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The 2014-15 PGA season seemed to give us the next big name and that was of course Jordan Spieth. He was young, bright eyed, and breaking records that hadn’t been touched since, well, since Tiger broke them. In the DFS world he was a god-send, that one guy you could count on for a top 5 finish almost on the regular and when it came to majors, it seemed he was guaranteed the win or place 2nd.  Now, a new season has begun and Spieth will no doubt be priced like a star, so let me help you figure out who this seasons breakout player will be to help you with your DFS needs and make that money.

The guy everyone should be putting in his or her lineups this year is none other than “The Baby Face Assassin” aka. Matthew Fitzpatrick. This kid or young man has been rising in the rankings over the past two years and is finally primed to compete in the majors and I don’t just mean the PGA tour, I actually mean the Majors, because he is ranked in the top 50.

Fitzpatrick came onto the scene in 2013 when he won the U.S. Amateur and from there the Englishmen has started his rise. He attended Northwestern briefly and fine-tuned his game. He then had his coming out party when this past October he won the British Masters by two strokes earning him his first professional victory.

The reason I believe Fitzpatrick is going to breakout is because his game is similar to that of Jordan Spieth’s. He may not be the strongest player, with the best accuracy, but he does everything exceptionally well. The biggest concern with Fitzpatrick is his age because at 21 he is still young and figuring things out. If he can match his mental game with his physical one, everything should be looking up for him in 2016.  He also will be well priced early on in the season (low $8’000s) and worth taking a risk. It could end up being a hole in one for your bank account.

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