Top 100 Fantasy Football Players for 2015

September 10, 2015 | Category: NFL

Top 100 Fantasy Football Players for 2015

By: John Heffelfinger

  1. Le’Veon Bell – Even with the two game suspension I feel that Bell is the top RB for 2015. He is coming off a year where he had 290 carries for 1361 yards and 8 TD’s and had 83 receptions on 105 targets for 854 yards with 3 touchdowns. I think losing Maurkice Pouncey hurts a bit, but they still have Roethlisberger at the helm with Antonio Brown to keep people out of the box. I think Adrian Peterson will challenge him, but ultimately it will be Bell who comes out on top.


  1. Adrian Peterson – With all of the turmoil that has gone on in Peterson’s life I expect him to give it all and more on the field which will lead to a monster season. Nobody expected him to have the season he did after he tore his ACL, and I think some people are sleeping on him a bit this year as I could easily see him approaching 1600 rushing yards this year.


  1. Eddie Lacy – I really like Lacy especially without Jordy Nelson, but I just don’t see him as the top RB going into the season. Last year he had 246 carries for 1,139 yards with 9 TD’s and 42 catches for 427 yards with 4 TD’s, and I honestly expect a similar season to this. John Kuhn is always there to steal a couple TD’s away from Lacy, and I just don’t know if McCarthy will use Lacy enough to push him above Peterson or Bell.


  1. Marshawn Lynch – Lynch and Charles are very close at 4 and 5 and it depends on PPR or standard scoring, but I think Lynch is in line for a huge year. Russell Wilson keeps getting better and has another target in Jimmy Graham which will help take guys out of the box. We all know what he can do running the ball, but he actually had 37 receptions last year which was the 2nd most of his career, and I can see Wilson using Lynch more and more in the passing game.


  1. Jamaal Charles


  1. Antonio Brown – Again, this ranking will come down to PPR or Standard, but there is no denying that Antonio Brown is the best fantasy WR in football. He was targeted an insane 182 times last year making 129 catches for 1698 yards and 13 TD’s which made him the best. I expect some monster games early from him with no Le’Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant, and you could argue he will do even better when they return with less guys to put on him.


  1. Matt Forte – I actually really like Forte this season and wanted to put him above Charles, but he will need to score some more rushing TD’s for me to do that. If he can be the guy who gets 9 of them like 2013 I like him towards the top but only 6 and I’d drop him a little bit. He had 102 catches last year which is amazing for a RB and 808 yards to go along with it and I could easily see him improving on those 4 TD’s.


  1. CJ Anderson


  1. Rob Gronkowski – Oh man there is a lot to say about Mr. Gronkowski, but simply put he is a beast and I like him WAY better than any other TE which is why I have him this high. He had 82 catches for 1,124 yards last year with 12 TD’s and I can easily see another repeat of that. Brady is going to have something to prove and who better to throw to than your favorite and best target.


  1. Julio Jones – This might be a little bit high for some people, but I could easily see him being the top WR this year. I really like Matt Ryan throwing him the ball, the Falcons really don’t have a proven running game with Freeman and Coleman, and when he plays he produces. The only thing that hinders him are injuries so if he can stay healthy, I like his chances to have an elite year.


  1. Demaryius Thomas


  1. Jeremy Hill


  1. Dez Bryant


  1. Odell Beckham Jr. – This could be a little low for him, but now that teams have seen what he can do, I wonder how well he will adjust. In 12 games last year he had 1305 yards and 12 TD’s which would have been roughly like 1800 yards and 16 TD’s which would have made him the best receiver. I expect another great year out of him, but I expect a little drop off from his insane production last year.


  1. Demarco Murray


  1. Lesean McCoy


  1. Andrew Luck – A lot of places like Rodgers more than Luck, but I just don’t see it. Losing Nelson will hurt Rodgers and Luck just has so many weapons. From Hilton to Johnson to Fleener to Moncrief to Allen, Luck just has so many different ways to go. Last year he threw for 40 TD’s, and this year I could honestly seeing him approaching that 50 TD plateau especially with how much the Colts throw the ball.


  1. Calvin Johnson


  1. Alshon Jeffrey


  1. AJ Green


  1. Randall Cobb – Even though I have Cobb this high, I don’t think Nelson’s injury is the reason for it. Sure Cobb got a slight bump up the rankings from the injury, but as a slot receiver, I just don’t see him getting a ton more targets. Now Devante Adams is a solid player but I like him more in that #3 role and who knows with James Jones at this point. I want to see how defenses will focus in on Cobb as he will be the WR to stop now.


  1. Lamar Miller


  1. Aaron Rodgers


  1. Mike Evans


  1. DeAndre Hopkins – Hopkins is a player that I have been targeting in a lot of my leagues as I think he is in for a huge year. I wanted to put him higher, but I don’t love Hoyer throwing him the ball, and I don’t really like any of their other WR’s all that much. Strong and Shorts will provide some help, but you can bet without foster that teams will be doubling Hopkins a lot which is why he is at 25.


  1. Y. Hilton


  1. Justin Forsett


  1. Carlos Hyde


  1. Latavius Murray – Much like Hopkins, I think that Murray could really break out into a semi elite running back this year. He looked great in limited time last year and will now be the feature back this year with no Darren McFadden in the mix. I expect him to catch some passes out of the backfield and he should have some solid holes to run through with defenses having to respect Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree.


  1. Jordan Matthews


  1. Mark Ingram


  1. Emmanuel Sanders


  1. Brandin Cooks


  1. Alfred Morris – I read a stat that said Morris has produced a lot worse when Cousins is the QB which does worry me a little about him for the upcoming season. That being said, I just don’t see Matt Jones stealing enough carries to hinder Morris’s production and while he doesn’t catch like any passes, he will get the goal line carries and will be better than a lot of people think in my opinion and could easily be better than the 34 ranking here.


  1. Jonathon Stewart


  1. Jimmy Graham – I like Jimmy Graham I really do and maybe I am doing him a disservice this low, but I just don’t see the same level of production looming in Seattle. They are going to continue to rely on that run game, and while I think Graham will make a good amount of splash plays with Wilson buying time, I just don’t see him getting anywhere near the number of targets to put him near Gronk.


  1. Melvin Gordon


  1. Amari Cooper


  1. Frank Gore


  1. Andre Johnson – Johnson is a possession receiver machine whose problem has been getting into the endzone in his career. With Andrew Luck I just don’t see that being a problem as Johnson should get 8 ish touchdowns as a floor. I could definitely see him getting more than that, and with all of the weapons, teams won’t be able to double Johnson or any of the Colts receivers really.


  1. Arian Foster


  1. Drew Brees


  1. Peyton Manning


  1. Russell Wilson – From a game manager to a potential top 5 fantasy QB, I think this is very realistic for Mr. Wilson. He goes from having nobody to throw to, to having another year of Doug Baldwin, Jimmy Graham, and Tyler Lockett who I am very high on. Obviously his legs are the big reason he is up this high, but I think he will have a great year through the air as the Seahawks gain more confidence in him as a passer.


  1. Sammy Watkins


  1. Vincent Jackson


  1. Devante Adams


  1. Brandon Marshall


  1. Charles Johnson – This might seem a bit high for Johnson, but being a Viking fan, I think the world of this guy. He put his name on the radar last year, and I believe that this will be the breakout year for him. He is a great HWS (Height Weight Speed) guy and I believe he will once again be the #1 target for the emerging Teddy Bridgewater. Part of his production will depend on how much the Vikings do throw the ball, but I think he will produce regardless.


  1. Julian Edelman


  1. Doug Martin


  1. Joseph Randle


  1. Golden Tate


  1. Andre Ellington


  1. Desean Jackson


  1. Keenan Allen


  1. Jeremy Maclin – This even feels a little high for Maclin as I am just not a huge fan of him. I have heard some podcasts say that Andy Reid has had big time WR’s before which is true, but Alex Smith has proven that he just isn’t a big time passer. He is efficient and gets the job done, but again he didn’t throw 1 TD to a WR last year. I think Maclin will get some TD’s, but I just don’t think he will do anything close to last year.


  1. Nelson Agholar


  1. Travis Kelce


  1. Greg Olsen


  1. TJ Yeldon


  1. Jarvis Landry – This might be a little low for Landry as he is another player that I believe could breakout this year. Last year he had 84 catches for 758 yards and 5 TD’s which is solid but I think he can push that 100 catch 1100 yard range this year. Again, a big part of that will come down to Tannehill and whether he can take that next step. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Landry push that top 10-15 WR range this year as he definitely has the talent to do so.


  1. Tom Brady


  1. Allen Robinson


  1. Todd Gurley


  1. LeGarrette Blount


  1. Ben Roethlisberger – I think Roethlisberger is very underrated as a fantasy QB and whether for DFS or season long leagues, I think Roethlisberger is an option each and every week. Now he will suffer a little bit to start the year without Bell or Bryant, but he still has Antonio Brown, and I think Marcus Wheaton will fill in nicely for the Steelers. Ben had a career high 32 TD’s last year and I think he will improve upon that this year.


  1. Rashad Jennings


  1. Eric Decker


  1. Joique Bell


  1. Roddy White


  1. Isaiah Crowell


  1. Chris Ivory – Man I just don’t know what to think with Mr. Ivory as he has all the talent in the world, but the Jets just don’t give him the ball enough to put him any higher in my opinion. He only had 198 carries last year but still had 821 yards which is 4.1 yards per carry which is solid. If he can get around that 250 carry range and catch like 30 passes (only caught 18 last year), I think he could easily make a huge jump up this list.


  1. Martellus Bennett


  1. Steve Smith


  1. Eddie Royal – I think that this could be a huge year for Eddie Royal this year. He isn’t Brandon Marshall, but he will be the #2 option in an offense that has Forte, Jeffrey and Bennett. The Bears say they are going to run the ball more but I think they are going to be losing a lot this year which means the ball will be in the air a lot. With a lot of single coverage, he should have a lot of opportunities to reel in the catches and hopefully get some TD’s with those catches.


  1. Matt Ryan


  1. Tevin Coleman


  1. Darren McFadden


  1. Mike Wallace


  1. Tony Romo – Romo might be the most interesting QB fantasy wise that I have ever seen. He has all the talent as those top end guys, but he just doesn’t bring it every week. I think he can definitely be a top 5 QB as well as I expect the Cowboys to run the ball less without Demarco Murray, and he has some really good targets in Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and Jason Witten. He also has the best offensive line in football which never hurts.


  1. Jason Witten


  1. Martavis Bryant


  1. Delanie Walker


  1. Owen Daniels


  1. Cam Newton – I would have Cam higher if he had anybody to throw the ball to this year. I know that he also does a lot of damage with his legs, but you have to be able to throw the ball also to be an elite fantasy QB. With Kelvin Benjamin out for the year, he now has Ted Ginn and Devin Funchness to throw the ball to which really does not get me excited. If he can really do anything through the air it will be a genuine surprise as I expect most of the damage to come running the ball.


  1. Bishop Sankey


  1. CJ Spiller


  1. Torrey Smith


  1. Doug Baldwin


  1. Ameer Abdullah – The guy just looks like a stud if you have watched him, but right now he is listed as the third string running back. If he was the starter, he would obviously be much higher, but the Lions are just weird with their running backs like Bell and Bush for a couple years there. I believe in a couple years Abdullah could be one of the best backs in the league, but for now until he earns some more playing time, I have to put him here.


  1. Alfred Blue


  1. Eli Manning


  1. Andrew Hawkins


  1. Devante Parker – it’s a major bummer that Devante Parker was hurt for most of the off season because I believe that he could be a major player for the Dolphins this year. As I stated I really like Jarvis Landry, but I really like Parker as well. He was the 3rd WR taken in this past draft and as we saw last year, rookie WR’s can now make an immediate impact in the NFL and if healthy, I fully expect Parker to.


  1. Ryan Tannehill


  1. Sam Bradford


  1. Devin Funchness


  1. Jordan Cameron


  1. Pierre Garcon

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