RedraftHero Hero and Villain of Week 15

December 22, 2015 | Category: NFL

By: Greg Cowan of creator of thesportsstance.com (@sportsstance_)

The NFL season is winding down and it has been an interesting ride. We have seen plenty of up’s with teams like the Patriots and Panthers dominating their conferences. We have also all witnessed the downs with the AFC South and NFC East playing “Who’s the Best of the Worst”. It’s a fun contest these two divisions are playing where they see who can have the worst record and still have a home playoff game. These divisions are poor, both in their respective divisions and in fantasy football. Outside of a handful of players and the Jaguar offense (yes, those Jaguars from Jacksonville) there have not been many players worth using weekly in your DFS lineup.

Those divisions aside there are plenty of guys who have been worth a weekly play and still those who have not (DeMarco Murray, destroying lineups since Week 1). If you have ever read my IDP Redraft Hero and Villain articles you know that each week I pick someone who was outstanding and awful on the defensive side of the ball. This week I decided to look at the offensive side of the ball and figure out who helped you finish your DFS season strong or in the corner crying.   Let’s take a look….


The villain this week is a guy that you trusted. You let him into your lineup almost on the regular, he was costly, but his track record proved he was worth the play because he always produced. Well, this week he let you and me down (maybe I’m just bitter) and that makes him a villain. I mean, Adrian Peterson is suppose to be a lock for giving your lineup at least 10 points a week. He has done that 10 out 15 times this year. He is consistent and his matchup against the Bears seemed like a sure thing (103 yards previously).

RedraftHero Hero and Villain of Week 15

This time though, he was only able to produce 63 yards, yes I know he hurt his ankle, but still not even a touchdown. I guess we can blame Teddy Bridgewater or Mike Zimmer if we don’t want to blame Peterson, but in this case I do want to blame him.  Six points is not cutting it on RedraftHero or any other fantasy football site, especially when you cost $9300. Please Adrian give me my money back, because you didn’t get close to your 14.3 fppg and that is an evil thing to do this late in the season.


The hero this week could have been someone like Cam Newton or Antonio Brown, both of these guys had huge weeks for their teams. Of course, that’s expected when your tabbed “the guy” for your team and most fantasy sites have you valued like a top tier player. This week though the Hero is a 3rd string running back rookie, who has been a touchdown hawk for his team. This week David Johnson had a career game against the Eagles in primetime Sunday night action. I mean, if you didn’t see his 47 yard touchdown run that had him run over the entire Philly defense, you should go check it out.

RedraftHero Hero and Villain of Week 15

Johnson really did have a career night. He was able to put up 187 yards rushing, while adding 3 TD’s on the ground, which was good for 40.9 points for your DFS squad. Add to the fact that he cost you $2500 less than Peterson you can see why he was a hero to anyone that had him on their roster this week.  I don’t expect a repeat performance for the guy, but his matchup against Green Bay doesn’t look so bad next week and the Cardinals still are playing for a first round bye.

That’s my stance, let me know yours

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