All-Pro Big 12: Top Current NBA Players from the Big 12

It has been nearly a week and highlights from the triple-overtime thriller between Kansas and Oklahoma are still flickering in my mind’s eye and dominating my Internet search history. The NCAA is into the swing of conference basketball play, which means the competitive edge that comes with it is omnipresent, and continually reminds me why I love the game of basketball. Many of these teams have squared off for decades, so the potential to claim bragging rights takes the pace and intensity of the game to a new level of excitement. Whether it is a “one and done” player or a four-year graduate, it is also entertaining to see professional ballplayers get into the mix by attending NCAA games decked out in their school colors or Tweeting from afar to cheer on their alma mater. Conversely, it stands to reason that fans of respective schools form an allegiance to professional players who continue to bring honor to their institution by excelling at the next level of play.

This series examines a look at the top 10 current fantasy NBA basketball players from each of the major NCAA conferences to see which school can claim bragging rights for producing the most successful pro stars compared to other schools in their conference.

The Big 12 Conference gave us a classic matchup between the #1 and #2 schools in the country on Monday, so we will start right where this week began.