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December 30, 2015 | Category: NHL

By: Matthew Shenocker

I put together a non-conventional Power Rankings list. I compiled various stats related to offense, defense, special teams and possession numbers and created a formula to rank the teams. I broke this out between Eastern and Western conference. The main objective of a team is first and foremost to win their conference. Overall rankings are fun to look at, but really conference ranks are more important. My formula yielded some interesting results. I will refine the formula more, but check out the below for what my results returned.

Eastern Conference

Team Rank
Washington Capitals 1
Montreal Canadiens 2
Boston Bruins 3
New York Islanders 4
Tampa Bay Lightning 5
Florida Panthers 6
Toronto Maple Leafs 7
New York Rangers 8
Pittsburgh Penguins 9
Detroit Red Wings 10
Carolina Hurricanes 11
New Jersey Devils 12
Buffalo Sabres 13
Ottawa Senators 14
Philadelphia Flyers 15
Columbus Blue Jackets 16

Western Conference

Team Rank
Dallas Stars 1
Los Angeles Kings 2
Chicago Blackhawks 3
St. Louis Blues 4
Nashville Predators 5
San Jose Sharks 6
Minnesota Wild 7
Anaheim Ducks 8
Colorado Avalanche 9
Winnipeg Jets 10
Vancouver Canucks 11
Arizona Coyotes 12
Edmonton Oilers 13
Calgary Flames 14

One thing I will point out is my results showed that the Washington Capitals are by far the best team in the East. In the West, it was pretty close between the Dallas Stars and the Los Angeles Kings. This is a stat heavy ranking. Hockey is way more than just stats, with many different intangibles occurring during game play. I am a fan of advanced stats as well and used some in my formula for the rankings.

So what do you guys think? Are these rankings comparable to what you would think a current power rankings would look like? Leave a comment below and let me know. Also follow me on Twitter @Advice1Sports.



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