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January 22, 2016 | Category: NHL

By: Matthew Shenocker

Let’s take a look around the league and see who has been underperforming over the last couple of weeks. There are plenty of players that can be on this list but I will only highlight some of them. Leave comments below on who is underperforming for your favorite team or for your fantasy hockey team.

John Tavares | New York Islanders

This has been a bad year for John Tavares. On the season he only has 15 goals and 16 assists for 31 points in 42 games. This would give him roughly 60 points on the season over a full 82 games. This would be his worst season since his rookie year in 2009-2010. Over the last 6 games Tavares only has 2 assists. He is also a -4, with 1 power play point. Tavares has an 11.5% shooting percentage on the year. His career number is 12.8% so there is room to the upside. Fantasy owners have to be extremely disappointed right now and his trade value has most likely taken a hit. The Islanders as a team are currently in 3rd play in the Metropolitan Division behind the best team in the NHL, the Washington Capitals, and the New York Rangers.

Tyler Seguin | Dallas Stars

Tyler Seguin is having a great season with 25 goals and 28 assists for 53 points over 48 games. This would give him career numbers across the board. In addition he is a +15, has 14 power play points, and has 180 shot on goal. He is currently has a shooting percentage of 13.9%, above his career average of 12%. Over the last 9 games though, Seguin has been regressing. He only has 3 points over that span and two came in one game. He is also a -4, with 0 power play points and only has 24 shots on goal. The stars as a team have been struggling. Since the beginning of January they only have 2 wins. They are currently in 2nd in the Central Division behind the Chicago Blackhawks.

Zach Parise | Minnesota Wild

Before I say anything and everyone yells, yes I know Parise has been injured and is not 100%. Players do not use injuries as an excuse, so I also will not. Parise is having a down year especially for where he was drafted for fantasy owners. He has 17 goals and 11 assists for 28 points in 38 games. He is a -2, has 9 power play points, and 132 shots on goal. Since Parise scored a hat trick on January 5, he has only 3 goals and 0 assists over the last 8 games. So far this season, it has not been Parise’s ability to score that is a problem. He has a shooting percentage of 13%. This is above his career percentage of 11.6%. Over an 82 game season Parise would have 36 goals scored based on the pace he is on. Minnesota is in 5th in the West right now.

Jiri Hudler | Calgary Flames

I have been picking on Jiri Hudler a great deal this season and I will continue to. Hudler is just having an awful season. He has 5 goals and 17 assists in 38 games played. To put this in perspective, over the last two seasons, Hudler has 130 points over 153 games played. Hudler is suffering from a groin injury and missed three games recently. He had a 3 game point streak from December 20-27, but since then he only has 2 points in 6 games. Hudler’s ownership numbers have been dropping in Yahoo leagues and he is now only owned in 50% of leagues. Entering the season, Yahoo had him ranked 92nd overall. Not living up to those numbers currently.

Pekka Rinne | Nashville Predators

It has not been a good season for Pekka Rinne and the Nashville Predators. Rinne has played in 39 games and his numbers leave much to be desired. His record stands at 17-15-7, with a 2.54 GAA and a .903 save percentage. Over his last 5 games, he is 1-3-1 with a 3.29 GAA and a .873 save percentage. Coming into this season he was being ranked as the 3rd best goaltender behind Carey Price and Henrik Lundqvist. This is not what fans of the Predators or fantasy owners were expecting.


Well those are my picks. Agree? Disagree? Leave comments below on who is been under performing and disappointing on your favorite team or your fantasy team. As always give me a follow on Twitter @Advice1Sports.

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