Daily Fantasy Sports Strategy 

We are committed to helping you play longer and more efficient, so we’ve developed these resources to make you a better player:

Kelly Criterion in Daily Fantasy Sports 

It could be argued that bankroll management is more important in daily fantasy sports than the edge you develop when you begin studying stats and analyzing matchups. If you can’t manage your bankroll properly, math says that your risk of ruin increases exponentially.

Lineup Building in Daily Fantasy Sports

While maintaining your bankroll assists in your longevity in daily fantasy sports, building a lineup is the most important part about being efficient in daily fantasy sports. It’s like putting together a puzzle each week. As long as you have a plan each week, you have the ability to achieve routine success.

Check out our NFL, NBA, and MLB lineup building primers.

Bankroll Management

Although daily fantasy sports has been declared a game of skill, variance can still play huge role in your short term success. For example, what if one of your players becomes injured and has to sit out the rest of the game? If you believe that you have an edge, playing within your bankroll will negate variance making it more likely for you to overcome any short term setbacks.



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