Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy:


  1. Lefty/righty matchups: Some teams and players have a much harder time hitting against left handed pitchers, so make sure to look out for lefty/righty stat splits in the matchups, as well as historic stats for pitchers against that specific team. Some guys flat out own or get owned by certain teams.
  2. Ballpark Factors: One of the biggest things that may be overlooked when deciding between pitchers is the size of the ballpark they are playing in that day. Bigger, pitcher friendly stadiums can end up having a huge impact on the game outcome and player stats.
  3. AL vs NL pitchers: While NL pitchers will have the advantage of throwing to other pitchers instead of a DH, NL managers are also more likely to pull the starter in favor a pinch hitter.
  4. Opposing Pitcher: When considering if a pitcher has a favorable matchup, make sure to look at the opposing pitcher as well. Squaring off against a struggling pitcher can lead to a win and more points in some formats.


  1. Getting On-Base: One of the biggest things about picking hitters is looking beyond just average and power, as guys with higher on base percentage and walks tend to be more consistent than players that rely solely on home runs.
  2. Teammate Reliability: Another thing to consider when picking hitters is how well their team and players around them in the batting order are doing. Having teammates that reliably get on base can get hitters more chances at RBIs, runs scored, and even at bats each night.
  3. Finding Value: The first thing you should look at when trying to find cheaper, value options is at positions with a smaller spread. Catchers and middle-infielders usually have a much smaller budget gap and lower offensive production than other positions, so looking here first for cheaper options is the best bet.
  4. Attack the Pitcher: While deciding between hitters the obvious and most reliable thing it comes down to is to find the most favorable opposing pitcher matchup. Facing a struggling or young pitcher can mean a big day at the plate for even a slumping hitter.

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