Building a Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup

Daily fantasy sports managers adhere to a basic strategy when putting together a fantasy team. Without the foundation of a basic strategy, daily fantasy sports becomes a guessing game rooted in chance. Regardless of the sport you manage, your fantasy lineup can improve by implementing these two easy-to-follow guidelines:

Implement Fantasy Sports Analysis as a Daily Routine

Look at your daily schedule and decide how much time you can allocate towards fantasy sports analysis. Develop a habit of checking all of the major resources available as you conduct your research. A plethora of daily fantasy sports analysis and commentary is available on the web. Find trusted sources and visit them daily in order to get the most up to date information.

Many fantasy sports experts allocate between 60 and 90 minutes each day crunching numbers in order to discover the best line ups. Use your time wisely; stick to a schedule and consider buying tools that streamline your research. Some tools include:

Fantasy Cruncher



Matchup Problems: The Secret of Adding Value to Your Roster

All daily fantasy sports websites require your roster to stay under a certain salary cap. Because of the cap, you must select players that will bring more value than what is predicted by the actual cost of the player in the daily draft.

Part of the research you will need to implement in your daily routine will be focused on finding players that provide value. Draft managers find value by taking advantage of obvious mismatches. For example, if you were selecting an NBA lineup, a player that is considered a role player could have a breakout game against a specific team because of the defensive matchups.

The key to getting value when making fantasy draft selections is to find these matchup problems so that your lineup will stay under the predefined salary cap. If you can accurately predict which players represent the most value, you’ll likely win your fantasy competition.

Sport Specific Daily Fantasy Sports Strategy

Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy

Daily Fantasy Football Strategy

Daily Fantasy Basketball Strategy

Build a Watchlist of Players

One item that many experts do not discuss is building a watchlist of players. This is key to being a successful daily fantasy player since this allows you to become familiar with a player’s ceiling, floor, consistency, and volatility. Start with a list of the top players in each sport aka the stars of the league and as week’s progress refine your list and expand it with sneaky options. Part of the effectiveness in your watchlist is the monitoring of player’s salaries to help find value or spots where player’s are overvalued.


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