We’ve set up a basic daily fantasy football lineup building primer that will help you win week in and out. In addition to the below, it is always important to have a watchlist or target list of players that will help build your lineups while understanding the factors below.

Basic Daily Fantasy Football Lineup Building

Positional Breakdown

1) Quarterbacks: One thing to look for when picking a value QB is that a QB on a team getting blown out will get more time to throw in garbage time. QBs on a heavy favorite team may end up handing the ball off late in the game or even sitting if their team is up so much, causing them to get fewer opportunities for points than their counterparts on the losing team. High reps and points will also come to QBs in a projected shoot out with two bad defenses squaring off against each other.

2) Running Backs: The first thing that should be looked at when picking between running backs or looking for value is goal line carries, as touchdowns rule in fantasy football. If you’re desperate for a cheap RB taking a backup that gets little game action can end up paying off big if it appears they’re getting looks in the red zone. Having a teammate that gets a lot of goal line chances will also make a good running back less attractive.

3) Wide Receivers: The advice for wide receivers will be similar to that of quarterbacks since they obviously depend heavily on them. Besides those guys that put up huge numbers every week, finding a matchup that might allow for a high volume of passes is the best way to decide between receivers. Choosing a player that a QB relies heavily on can also be rewarding, although a team without any other pass catching threats will draw double teams from secondaries. Another thing to check is how special teams is scored in different fantasy formats, since getting a chance to return kick offs could boost certain receivers over others without these opportunities.

4) Tight Ends: The tight end in fantasy football can be one of the hardest and most frustrating positions to pick, as there seems to be only a few consistent point getters each week. Beyond that there is a pretty big variance in the rest of the league as these players really rely more on touchdowns for their points than some other positions. Outside of the top tier players, finding guys who don’t have as many pass catching weapons around them who will get more opportunities is the best bet for finding points here.

5) Kickers: With the recent rule change pushing back the extra point for this upcoming season, finding kickers that will get chances at deeper field goals will be even more important. It will be interesting to see how teams handle this increase in difficulty and how much more common going for a 2 point conversion will be. Picking a kicker on a good team to rack up fantasy points on the extra points may no longer be a safe play.

6) Defenses: Just like kickers, defenses tend to be a lot less predictable when it comes to weekly consistency. This means it is not as worthwhile to invest in some of the higher tier teams. As it gets later in the season, finding a defense playing in bad or cold weather can pay off as this typically leads to offenses having a harder time moving the ball downfield. Like touchdowns for every other position, turnovers is the key for defenses to get fantasy points and this should be a big factor when picking a team.

A few other things to consider when breaking ties between players and some things you may not have thought about when building a lineup:

1) Injuries: Injuries of teammates can have a big impact and is something that may be overlooked. If a high passing team has a good WR out they will look to run the ball more, so a less attractive RB could get more reps and points and vice versa. Check injuries across the board not just players you’re looking at.

2) Matchups: Check specific run/pass defense matchups against run/pass offense. This can be telling of the amount of running or passing plays called throughout the game and the number of opportunities that a player might get.

3) Bargain Hunting: If a starter is injured, look for the next player down on the depth chart who may be getting a chance, a player coming off an injury, or a player that had been struggling who has had a hot few weeks. All these types of players should be undervalued and are the best options for bargain finds.

4) Weather Factors: Weather has a huge impact on the amount of run and pass plays called, so make sure to check weather for rain, snow, or cold when picking a QB or WR from a team that likes to pass the ball a lot. Slowed offenses in bad weather also means more points for the defense on that day.

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