2015 NBA Mock Draft Part 2

June 11, 2015 | Category: NBA

2015 NBA Mock Draft: Lottery Teams and the Fantasy Implications

Part Two  

With the Lottery now squared away, NBA Draft season is upon us, and we have the fever! RedraftHero is here to provide you with an early breakdown of the top 14 picks in this year’s NBA Draft and what DFS players can expect from a fantasy perspective. Leveraging this information for early season DFS lineups and season long fantasy basketball formats is highly recommended. Check out our 2015 NBA Mock Draft Part One: The Top 7 Picks. You can thank us later.

8) Detroit Pistons : Kristaps Porzingis

The Porzingis hype has been on a steady climb since we published Part One of this article, and for good reason. The Zinger possesses a rare combination of size and touch that NBA teams salivate for with the new pace-and-space offense many teams are using now. We can’t think of a better Coach equipped to utilize this skill set than Stan Van Gundy, who used the same scheme by surrounding Dwight Howard with lanky shooters in Orlando. SVG had plenty of success with that scheme, and now with Andre Drummond playing the role of Orlando-era Dwight, adding Porzingis would make a lot of sense. Whether Detroit retains Greg Monroe or not, Porzingis would allow Detroit to spread the floor and provide open lanes for likes of Reggie Jackson and Brandon Jennings (possibly) to attack and create off. From a DFS scope, Porzingis would benefit more from landing on a team such as Sacramento or Denver than with the Pistons so we are selling the notion that The Zinger will make a fantasy impact next season. This guy does have big time talent, so keep him on your radar as a possible late season target. Lastly, Grantland is running a series on Porzingis focused on his road to the NBA Draft, which is a solid watch, check it out here.

9) Charlotte Hornets : Stanley Johnson

Stanimal is a nickname I cannot wait to scream after throwing down with Mr. Johnson in NBA 2K16 this coming September. Johnson is an elite athlete with an array of skills that are sure to translate nicely to The Association. Johnson has the confidence and ability to serve as the go-to option on the offensive end and Charlotte would serve as a perfect landing spot to mature into that type of player. GM Michael Jordan (The GOAT) is desperate to find a wing that can score and create his own shot and Stanley will provide him with that and plenty more. If Stanimal goes in this spot, he will make an immediate impact on the offensive end that DFS players should be aware of. With the mind-boggling 180 Lance Stephenson pulled and the fact that Gerald Henderson led the team in scoring for stretches of last season, Johnson will have plenty opportunities to earn playing time. Johnson is someone we plan to take a late round flier on in season long formats and a guy to target as a cheap wing option in DFS formats next season. The guy can play.


10) Miami Heat : Kelly Oubre

Oubre is an absolute freak athlete. The guy should be able to guard multiple positions immediately, and his 7’2” wingspan has many GMs thinking he could even play some small-ball 4 if he can tack on weight. With the uncertainty of Luol Deng returning to Miami next (1 year player option), Oubre would serve as a great addition to the Heat’s roster whether Deng is gone or not. However, Oubre is not a guy to target in DFS or in fantasy drafts next season.  He likely will have limited minutes and low number of touches when he does take the floor next season. He has potential to become a box-score stud once he has time to mature, but next season will be a learning experience for the former Jayhawk.

11) Indiana Pacers : Myles Turner

Turner is a big boy with a really nice set of skills. The thing that sticks out most is his size and shooting range. Indiana is a team that really struggles on the offensive end to create shots, and Turner would be a nice pick-and-roll option for Frank Vogel to leverage considering his ability to shoot the ball. Turner is a not an elite athlete by any means and has plenty of room to grow on the defensive end, but Roy Hibbert would be an ideal role model for him to grow under. Turner is forgettable in DFS and fantasy leagues next year, but we like his potential down the road.

12) Utah Jazz : Frank Kaminsky

Being a Purdue Alum having a slight obsession with Big Ten basketball, Kaminsky is a player I watched a lot of last season. Versatility is a common descriptor for Frank and it is well earned. Kaminsky can score from anywhere on the court and he had no problem posting up and shooting over bigger, NBA-type, defenders over the course of his career in Madison. Not being an elite athlete, and having a tendency of getting lost in pick-and-rolls at times, Kaminsky will need to focus on the intricacies of playing defense in the NBA. Many rookies struggle with this, which usually results in a lack of playing time, but Frank isn’t just another player, he won the Wooden Award. Frank in Utah would be a nice fit for both parties. Quinn Snider’s offense lacked spacing last season having two big men (Stifle Tower and Favors) who like to operate primarily in the paint. Kaminsky would aid with that and allow Snider to play around with the lineup a bit. DFSers can steer clear of Frank the Tank for now, but if he proves to be able to defend and rebound for his position, Kaminsky could find considerable playing time next year.

13) Phoenix Suns : Sam Dekker

With back-to-back Badgers coming off the board Dekker would be joining a Suns team who can’t quite figure out who they are yet. The point guard platoon was broken up at the trade deadline, and GM Ryan McDonough seems to not have a concrete plan for the future considering some of his recent roster moves. One thing we do know is that Phoenix wants to run and they like players who can play multiple positions. Dekker will likely be able to play both the 2 and 3 at the next level and has a unique skill set that reminds us of Gordon Hayward in many ways. The future is bright for Dekker, and the fact that he can do a little bit of everything should have DFS players interested, but it’s doubtful he will have the opportunity to showcase this next season if he lands in Phoenix. If Dekker falls out of the lottery, he could be a player to keep an eye on depending on the location, stay tuned.

14) Oklahoma City Thunder : Cameron Payne

Rounding out the lottery we have the much talked about Cameron Payne heading to Sam Presti and the Thunder. As we touched on in Part One with our breakdown of Orlando’s pick, Presti tends to target guys who have high ceilings and showed major potential in college. Payne absolutely fits that mold, and as DFS fanatics, we would selfishly like to see him land elsewhere so Payne will have the opportunity to showcase that talent. In recent years, OKC has been hesitant to give their young players major minutes and Payne would fall behind Westbrook, Waiters, Augustin, Roberson, and even Jeremy Lamb. Being buried on the depth chart is not rare for rookie guards, and Payne is a good enough player to boost his minutes over time, but for the sake of his DFS prospects, OKC is not ideal in regards to next season.

Again, check out our analysis on picks 1 through 7 here: 2015 NBA Mock Draft: Part 1

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