2015 NBA Breakout Ballers: Derrick Favors

July 20, 2015 | Category: NBA

2015 NBA Breakout Ballers: Derrick Favors

2015-2016 NBA Breakout Ballers: Derrick Favors

Derek Breaux

This is the final installment of the 2015 NBA Breakout Ballers, a 10 part series spotlighting players that will make a significant leap in the 2015-2016 NBA season. Check out the latest feature on Jonas ValanciunasEach player featured in this series are prime prospects to target in season long formats, as well as early season DFS lineups before their prices rise. Let’s get into it!

Why We Believe

Derrick Favors is emerging as a dominant individual down low within the frontcourt of the Utah Jazz. During the past season, the 6’ 10” Favors took over the Power Forward position and proved to be a key member for his team. Favors’ development within the first seasons of his career was a major concern for his critics. However alongside teammate Rudy Gobert, the two have formed an athletic and dangerous pair of big men.  Favors is a dog down low, he has displayed the physicality and skill set to cause reason for concern amongst opponents. On defense, his presence on the glass and changing his competitors shot attempts is a major reason why he has found. Favors’ strong 2014-15 campaign has us expecting big things for the upcoming season.

By the Numbers

Derrick Favors contributes in nearly every aspect asked upon by a premier frontcourt player. He is a strong scorer anywhere near the basket and has the capabilities of stretching his game out into the mid-range area. Within the past two seasons, Favors has become a formidable replacement following the departure of Paul Millsap. Within the past season their numbers were oddly similar, as Favors posted 16 points, 8 rebounds, and 1.7 blocks per game in comparison to Millsap’s 16, 7, and 1 with the Atlanta Hawks. The progress of Derrick Favors within Utah has led him to become a developing force within the Western Conference. Last year he posted 23 double-doubles and shot over 52% from the field. Despite reoccurring back injuries that limited him near the end of the season, Favors was a steady contributor for owners until the end of March.  Additionally, the month of March was Favors’ strongest of the season.  Though 14 games his 18 points, 2 assists, and 6 point plus or minus rating were the highest versus any other month of the season.

Fantasy Translation

Expect for Derrick Favors to have another strong year in Utah. On a roster filled with developing young talent, Favors is a strong and consistent asset when he is on the floor. He will get his opportunities to post big numbers for the Jazz, don’t make the mistake and sleep on Favors because he’s on a young Utah roster. He is the second best offensive talent for the Jazz and it can be guaranteed that he will have a bigger role in the year to come. As teams dial in on Gordon Hayward and find a way to deal with Rudy Gobert, Favors is in a primary position to emerge as a surprising player out West.

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